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MYPIN TA4 Basic Programming

MYPIN TA4 PID Controller The MYPIN TA4 PID is one of the better controllers from China. The PID is easy to use and easier to program than most. The nice part of these controllers is the model TA4-SSR has two SSR outputs plus one relay making this particular controller very flexible.

This is a series of YouTube videos showing you how to program your MYPIN PID Temperature controller.

Here is a copy of the actual instructions that ship with the controller:

Switching Between Celsius and Fahrenheit

The TA4 PID controller ships programmed for Celsius and if you live in the USA the first thing you will want to do is switch your controller to Fahrenheit. To Program:
1. Hold down the SET button until the top display shows AL1
2. Press the SET button 15 times until the top display shows C - F
3. Press the <</AT button once and release
4. The C in the lower display will start flashing
5. Press the green UP button and the display will change to flashing F
6. Press the SET button once and release and the F will stop flashing
7. Hold down the SET button until the top display displays the temperature


Placing your controller in Autotune

The TA4 PID gives you the ability to adjust its P, I & D program parameters but since most of us are not PID experts the controller can also auto tune its own parameters. You should always auto tune a new controller because auto-tuning sets the best parameters based on your personal set-up. You should not need to auto tune your PID again inless your batch size changes or your brew area temperature drasticly changes. To Auto-Tune:
1. Start with your mash tun full of water that's heated to the temperature you usually start your mash cycle at.
2. Press and hold down the <</AT button until the AT light is on
3. The PID is now in auto tune mode
4. Set the PID temperature to your normal mash temperature
5. Let the PID adjust and hold the water at mash temperature for a normal mash cycle - for most of us that's 1 hour
6. Press and hold down the <</AT button until the AT light is off

Setting your controller temperature

The temperature range supported by you TA4 PID depends on the input you use. The PID can support 0C - 120C with a K type thermocouple which makes this PID a ideal solution for just about anything you need. To set your controller temperature:
1. Press the <</AT button once and release
2. Continue pressing & releasing the <</AT button until the digit you want to change is flashing
3. Change that digit's value by pressing the green UP or green DOWN button
4. Press & release the <</AT button until the next digit you want to change is flashing
5. Change that digit's value by pressing the green UP or green DOWN button
6. Press the SET button when you are done.




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