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2 Pack - 25 mm (1") long Teflon Coated Stir Bars
2 Pack - 25 mm (1") long Teflon Coated Stir Bars
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: 350-2
    Price: $7.95

    2 Pack - 25 mm (1.0") long Teflon Coated Stir Bars

    These stir bars measure 25 mm (1.2") X 8 mm (3/16"). 1.2" long is the right length for a universal stir bar and Teflon coated is the way to go. Teflon makes the stir bar super slippery so that you have minimum friction in the bottom of your flask.

    You need two, one to stir your yeast culture and the other to hold against the outside of your flask to keep the other stir bar in place while pouring your yeast into your wort.

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